Regis Renzi

As training in Architecture and Industrial Automation, you have in your luggage over 5 patents and has been working for more than 18 years participating in more than 250 political campaigns and public projects in Brazil and other countries where he won luggage along with a select team of IT of internationally coordinated endow development of large Patented Communication tools, search, relationship and capture information for Big Data to Intelligence Management with GIS with results that impressed the media where he participated with cases of Presidents campaigns, Governors, Senators, and other positions with names like President Lula, Dilma, Fernando Henrique Cardozo, General Lino Oviedo in Paraguay, Cristina kirchneretc, in addition to some Governors as Geraldo Alkmin, Aécio Neves, Jose Serra, Requiao, Alvaro Dias, Luiz Henrique, Roriz, Rosiane Sarney , Maluf, etc and many politicians as face of the mayor Fernando Haddad, Marta Suplicy, Deputies and Senators as Jose Sarney, Marcelo Crivela, Garibaldi Filho, Magno Malta, Gin Algerian and even several ministers citing even some of them as Jose Eduardo Cardozo, Aloisio Mercadante, Lupe and hundreds of other more, and now chairman of système holding.

Claudio Albuquerque Nascimento

Doctor from UFRJ in Political Philosophy Social Sciences, Graduate Management (BB) FGV, Marketing Graduate, Master Urban Anthropology UERJ, Bachelor in Business Administration - FASPA. Structuring the dealership VLT Rio Communication Strategy; Consulting for UNESCO with the National Health Agency - ANS / UNESCO; Bank Brazil S / A - Business Manager Corporate - Assistance to companies with sales over 1 Billion; ImparBrazil - Management and Strategic Communication Consulting. Commercial Director and Founder Partner - Consulting Strategic Communication for large enterprises - Consortium VLT Rio de Janeiro, Porto Maravilha, Gas Petrobras, Autopista Fluminense, Steel Highway Invepar Group - Yellow Line LAMSA. GTO - Renewable Energy and Biotechnology - PREVI - Pension Fund Employee Bank Brazil.

Claudio Marcelo Siena

Business Administrator, Post-Graduate in Financial Planning and Control, Specialist in ICT and NLP. With 27 years of professional career, has solid experience in business management, project development and information systems, with special skills in leadership and people development. Directed corporations medium and large companies, consolidating its position as an entrepreneur in the telecommunications and internet industry with companies iSuper Telecommunications and RouterBox Company. Founder and President of REDETELESUL 2007-2014, association that brings together Internet service providers and telecommunications in the South; CONAPSI member, which brings together the main organizations representing the domestic industry, chairing it in 2011/2012; Chairman of the Advisory Council of ANATEL as a representative of 2010-2013 society; Vice President of ASSESPRO / PR, organization of software and technology companies, 2011-2013; Current Vice-President of SindiTI, company union of Paraná state technology companies; Current Vice President of Guarantees Northwest guarantor company credits the state of Paraná; and current Director of Universal Technical Chamber of Internet CGI.Br (Internet Steering Committee in Brazil).