Processing of Information

Capture Solution for Information, Communication and Research with GIS of the Information Management Intelligence.


Results are presented in an analytical and statistical report. The report will be printed, as well as being available on a platform on digital maps which only the client has access to the restricted area through username and password;
Get all these services at low cost, very quickly (72 hours for reporting) and a wide range in which ever imagined;
A process that automatically organizes and tabulates all information collected with intelligence GEO;
According to each response system makes the decision (the system can also make an announcement)
Reports 100% auditable - where every interview can be heard on our website, through access with login and password;
It is possible to listen to each interview, see the facade of the house, the street, neighborhood and neighbors;
Reports to select macro or micro region and to read the geoonline report;
Permanent channel for research and communication;
The results are displayed on digital maps (country, state, city or even a street) on your chosen perimeter, through thousands or millions icons and graphics;
Constructive research;
Research into images;
Research on the level of acceptance / rejection.